“Contributing to public safety

 by offering top-level software that targets the real needs of our end-users; Policemen, Firefighters and 911 call takers.”

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RADAR answers the software needs of 3 main markets


Police database management

Radar Police offers every feature needed to fully run a police department, in terms of software needs. From event reports, schedule management, vault and chain of possession management, criminality analysis, daily reports to ticketing softwares.

mature logistics call handler planning a route

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911 in-car call dispatch (Police and firetrucks)

Taking charge of a 911 call means more than just dispatch. You need every info available to make your decision: Radar offers mapping integration with every layer you can think of. Our softphone helps transfert the information fast, while our dispatching software makes the link with “in-car computers”, whether it’s a police car or a firetruck.


Firefighter data management software

Radar Fire makes it possible to write their event reports on the web, manage their response plan, manage their personnel training and schedules, on top of inventory management and inspections reports.

The most advanced police data management solution on the market